How We Bake
Info & Affiliations

SFBI (San Francisco Baking Institute)
The San Francisco Baking Institute, founded in 1996 is a wonderful local resource offering baking workshops and professional training. SFBI has been instrumental in bringing authentic artisan baking to communities around the globe. SFBI serves as consultants for both start-up and expanding bakeries and help these bakeries produce artisan baked goods of the highest standards. An affiliated company, TMB Baking provides expert consulting in bakery equipment and design. Semifreddi’s has had a long and productive relationship with SFBI and TMB and regularly enrolls in classes to improve our technical knowledge of bread baking. SFBI classes are open to the public, so if you have ever thought about improving your baking skills, this would be the place to go.

BBGA (Bread Bakers Guild of America)
The BBGA exists to promote the exchange of information between craftsman artisan bakers, to encourage the training of young people interested in bread baking careers, to raise the standards of artisan bread bakers and to represent their common interests. The BBGA site provides numerous articles on baking, as well as links and information about the Bread Bakers Guild American Bread Baking Team that recently won the gold medal in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (World Cup of Baking) in Paris.

Coupe du Monde (World Cup of Bread Baking in Paris, France)
Every three years, 12 countries from around the globe are invited to send teams to compete in the World Cup of Baking in Paris, France. You will be surprised at who some of the winners and losers are! The US Team is the current Gold Medal winner in bread baking.

AIB (American Institute of Baking)
AIB provides audit services, food safety education, baking education, and research and technical services. Semifreddi’s elects to undergo a voluntary annual audit by the AIB, at which time our facility is thoroughly inspected. We are proud to report that Semifreddi’s has received AIB’s rating of “excellent.”

HACCP Accreditation (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
HACCP is an internationally recognized means of assuring food safety and has become the market standard for food safety worldwide. While HACCP accreditation is mandatory for certain industries (e.g. meat, poultry, seafood, juice), Semifreddi’s has voluntarily instituted an accredited HACCP program.

Kosher Certification
The “K” symbol indicates that all of our pastries are certified kosher dairy and that all of our breads are kosher pareve. All of our bread and pastries may be consumed by those who observe kosher dietary laws as well as many others who have special dietary requirements. The kosher designation also serves as a guide to those individuals who are vegetarian or lactose intolerant and is just one more verification of Semifreddi’s commitment to quality, integrity and purity.

No GMO Ingredients
Semifreddi’s uses no genetically modified ingredients in any of our bread or pastries.

No Transfats
Semifreddi’s uses no transfats in any of our breads or pastries. We never have and never will!

Cook Flour Company
Cook Flour Company produces a full line of organic flours and grains for many of the top artisan bakeries in the country. It is Cook’s commitment to treat flour like an ingredient rather than a commodity and it is their goal to continue to source wheat varieties that possess flavor and baking properties that set them apart from ordinary flours.

Pendleton Flour Mills
Pendleton Flour Mills in Blackfoot, Idaho has a 100-year history of producing some of the best quality flour currently available. Pendleton’s entire business is the production of premium flour.